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Advanced Cleanliness Analysis System for Elemental Analysis:
Motivation for Elemental Analysis, Measurement Process, Spectra and Alloy Quantification

JOMESA PSE: Measurement Process

Filterholder positioned in JOMESA HFD microscope

Filterholder positioned in JOMESA PSE piezo scanning stage

Filterholder in "wait" position with removable glascover

Measurement of the same filter by the JOMESA HFD, the optical microscope and the JOMESA PSE, the SEM-EDS is acomplished by a specific designed filterholder.

In this filterholder the filter is fixed by a clamping ring. Then a stretching ring below the filter fringe is moved up and stretches the filter membrane - similar to the mechanism used to tension membranes of drums.
This flat filter is placed on the JOMESA HFD and automatically analyzed which takes only some minutes. The particles are counted by size and separated in metallic, non-metallic and fiber classes.
During this analysis particles can be selected, where a SEM-EDS analysis should be executed on.

The resulting dataset is stored in a database.

After optical analysis the filterholder is mounted in the JOMESA PSE.
The HFD dataset is opened and the filterholder is automatically postioned to the currently selected particle.
The HFD image and the live SEM image of the selected particle are simultaneously displayed.

If not in use, the filter in the filterholder can be covered by a removable glascover, thus protecting the filter from dust particles falling onto

Number and size of particles which are analyzed by SEM-EDS is not limited. The spectrum of each analyzed particle is stored "raw" for possibly later re-evaluations.

Spectrum is identified as Bariumsulfat