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Advanced Cleanliness Analysis System for Elemental Analysis:
Motivation for Elemental Analysis, Measurement Process, Spectra and Alloy Quantification

JOMESA PSE: Elemental Analysis by SEM-EDS

JOMESA HFD (High Focal Depth)

Optical filter analysis (JOMESA HFD) has the advantage of fast automatic filter scans, quickly counting and sorting particles and identification of critical of particles of interest.

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) delivers information about the topology of a surface and delivers thereby more detailed images than optical microscopy systems.

By automatic transfer of the coordinates, "interesting" particles can be analyzed in very short time.

Due to an integrated
energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) detection, the elemental composition can be determined.

JOMESA PSE (Precision Scan for Elements)

Largest metallic paticle (optical)

Largest nonmetallic particle (optical)

Largest metallic particle (SEM Detail)

Largest nonmentallic particle (SEM)