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About us

JOMESA Meßsysteme GmbH, (JOMESA) is headquartered in Ismaning, Munich Germany.
JOMESA is the world market leader in microscopic filter analysis systems (Cleanliness Analysis).
Our proprietary image processing software, PicEd, has been in constant development and improvement since 1987 and programmed completely by JOMESA.
Most hardware components are manufactured inhouse by modern CNC (3 and 5 axis) machines.

We are proud, that we have a low turnover of staff. Most of our employees expect to work with JOMESA until they retire.
This fact supports our growth in a rapidly expanding field.

JOMESA has main subsidiaries in
Troy/Detroit, Michigan, USA (JOMESA North America),
Shanghai, China (JOMESA Measurement (Shanghai)),
Tokyo, Japan (JOMESA Japan),
Sao Paulo, Brazil (JOMESA do Brasil),
Yongin/Seoul, Korea (JOMESA Korea)

All sales, importing, installations and service of the JOMESA systems are managed through these subsidiaries.
A complete inventory of accessories spare parts are available through these locations.

Short History of JOMESA

1987: Foundation in Munich, Germany, First release of image processing software PicEd (Vs. 1.0)
1997: Change to legal form: JOMESA Meßsysteme GmbH
2001: Delivery of first automatic filter analysis system (JOMESA HFD)
2007: Company moves to Ismaning, Germany
2008: Start of hardware manufacturing
2009: Subsidiary in America: JOMESA North America Inc. in Cambridge / Toronto, Canada
2009: Establishing Oil cleanliness analysis system (JOMESA MAT3)
2011: Subsidiary in Brasil: JOMESA do Brasil Ltda. in Sao Paulo
2011: Start production of filter mounts
2012: Subsidiary in China: JOMESA Measurement (Shanghai) Ltd., in Shanghai
2013: Subsidiary in USA: JOMESA North America Inc. in Troy / Detroit
2015: Subsidiary in Japan: JOMESA Japan Kabushiki Kaisha in Tokyo
2015: Subsidiary in Korea: JOMESA Korea Co., Ltd. in Yongin / Seoul
2015: Start production of Polyamid (Nylon) and Polyester filters in cleanroom environment

Our products:

Systems for microscopic filter analysis, cleanliness analysis, oil cleanliness analysis.
Filter mounts and filter archiving accessories
Image analysis software for interferometers, birefringence

Exhibition: Parts2Clean (Stuttgart, Germany)

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